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Eckroat Seed Co. offers a wide variety of lawn-care products. Regardless of the size of your job, our sales representatives will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. So come visit us or give us a call.

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It all starts with seeds. In order to grow the perfect grass, you first need the perfect seed. From athletic fields to golf courses and gardens, we’ve got the seed you need.


Our Championship Ryegrass blend is used year after year by high schools and top state universities for their athletic turf because of its durability and rich green color.

Golf Course

We carry golf turf seeds such as bentgrass, ryegrass and Bermuda grass.

Vegetable Seeds

As one of the few storefronts in Oklahoma City that sells vegetable seeds, we’re experts in everything homegrown. From small herb gardens to serious farming, we’ve got you covered.


We carry a wide variety of seeds for the farm including alfalfas, clovers, lovegrass, Southern peas, crabgrass, millets and cereal grains.

Home Lawns

Our Endo-Shade and Premium Tee mixtures have become household names when it comes to quality blends for sunny and shady areas. For thick, dark-green turf, Eckroat Seed is the only place you should turn to.


Everyone knows fertilizer is crucial for the perfect turf. But it takes true experts to determine which variety is right for you and your project. Let’s find it together.

Lawn and Garden

We offer several types of lawn-and-garden fertilizers. Pro-Green is our wholesale line, Gro-Green is our retail line and SPIZ is a fertilizer specially formulated for Oklahoma clay soils.

Professional Turf

The Eckroat Seed Co. Premier brand is a line of professionally formulated fertilizers that maintain a superior, dark-green turf.

Golf Course/Professional

We offer greens-grade fertilizers for professional-looking fairways and greens – and everything in between.

With Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Weed Killers

Fertilizers with pre-emergents such as TeamPro, Barricade, Dimension, Surflan and Pendulum.



Icebusters is a safe, fast-acting and effective ice melter. It is salt-free and safe around plants, grass and automobiles. Find it in bags or bulk.


Pro*Organics is an organic fertilizer. It’s great for new seeding and new sodding. Because it is organic, it will not burn young seedlings or roots. It also does a great job in your established yard or flower bed.

Liquid (Controlled-Release Nitrogen)

CoRoN, a true liquid, controlled-release nitrogen, has been scientifically formulated to deliver highly effective foliar nutrition to turf and other commercially grown plants, with maximum efficiency and crop safety.


Rain and sunshine will keep grass growing, but it takes a little extra effort – and a few special tools – to ensure it stays lush and green. Eckroat Seed Co. has professional-grade lawn and turf chemicals for everything from pest removal to soil nutrients. We offer the following products:

  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Growth regulators
  • Liquid and powdered fertilizer
  • Surfactants
  • Additives
  • Tank cleaners
  • Dye and foam markers
  • Turf paint
  • Biostimulants
  • Soil amendments

Gopher Stopper

Stop gophers, moles and other varmints right in their tracks. Our own original product, Eckroat Gopher Stopper, is an inexpensive hand-operated probe that dispenses poison underground. No need for extra digging or unreliable traps – bait is contained in the probe itself and released by a spring in the handle for easy use and precise application. Goodbye gophers.

Athletic Turf

Beyond seed, chemicals and fertilizers, athletic fields require other supplies – such as field paint, conditioners, mound clay and more – to properly maintain them. Eckroat carries everything a groundskeeper needs to keep sporting surfaces safe and playable. We offer:

  • Turface MVP
  • Turface Quick Dry
  • Turface Pro League
  • Athletic field paint
  • Chalk
  • Mar-Co Mound Clay bricks
  • Mar-Co Mound Clay