Lawn and Garden

Pro-Green is our wholesale line of lawn and garden fertilizers.¬† Pro-Green consists of the following analysis’: 10-20-10, 13-13-13, 20-5-10-5Fe, 21-0-0-24S,¬† 34-0-0 and 46-0-0.

Gro-Green is our retail line of lawn and garden fertilizers.¬† Gro-Green consists of the following analysis’: 10-20-10, 11-11-22+T/E, 13-13-13, 17-17-17, 20-5-10-5Fe, 20-10-10+T/E, 21-0-0-24S,¬† 34-0-0 and 46-0-0.

SPIZ is a specially formulated fertilizer for Oklahoma clay soils.  SPIZ stands for Sulfur, Potassium, Iron and Zinc.  The combination of K-MAG and Ammonium Sulphate react together to feed the grass efficiently in order to achieve that thick and beautiful green yard that every homeowner desires.

Professional Turf

The Eckroat Seed Co. Premier brand is a line of professionally formulated fertilizers.  We have a greens grade Ammonium Sulphate (21-0-0-24S).  Two fetilizers (21-7-14-5Fe and 32-3-8-2Fe) containing a slow release Nitrogen called XCU.  Which is released over 6 to 8 weeks.  We also have our Fescue/Ryegrass blend (5-0-15-25Fe) which promotes a superior dark green turf.

Golf Course / Professional

Lebanon offers greens grade fetilizers.

Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Weed Killers

Fertilizers with Pre-emergents such as Team Pro, Barricade, Dimension, Surflan and Pendulum.





Icebusters is a safe, fast acting and effective icemelt.  Icebusters is not made of rock salt and therefore is safe around plants, grass and automobiles.  Icebusters is available in 40# bags and bulk.

Pro*Organics is an organic fertilizer with an anlaysis of 6-2-0-1Fe.  It is a great product to use in new seeding and new sodding.  Since it is organic, it will not burn young seedlings or roots.  It is also does a great job in your established yard or flower bed.

Liquid Fertilizers

Technologically Advanced, Highly
Effective Foliar Nutrition


CoRoN, a true liquid, controlled-release nitrogen, has been scientifically formulated to deliver highly effective foliar nutrition to turf and other commercially grown plants with maximum efficiency and crop safety.

This superior technology was developed to safely provide high-quality foliar nutrition for productive, uniform growth, while addressing important issues such as leachability, nitrification and other problems associated with conventional fertilizers.

A variety of CoRoN formulations are available to meet the needs of many turf varieties and varying climatic conditions.

For more information on Coron, please check out our Chemical Page.


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